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Marketing has a bad rep and understandably so. It is a competition for people’s minds and hearts: on such battlefield methods can get distasteful.
However, armed with an understanding of your options you can, in fact, choose strategies that are straightforward, non-devious and still fruitful. After all, why would you try to cram advertising down everyone’s throat? Your job becomes so much easier when you sell stuff to people who need it and like it.

Let me show you how

You have a target audience description or even a persona, but you are wondering whether it’s right? 
Join me on this webinar where I’m going to go through examples sent in by the audience (6 max, so hurry if you’d like yours reviewed), answer the business owners’ questions and point out opportunities or if there is a room for improvement. 


Wondering where should you start your marketing planning process?
Right here is the answer. Nothing is more important for your business than understanding who is your customer.
This 1,5-hour webinar is designed to guide you through the basic principles of target audience analyses. We are going to talk about why is it so important that you don’t say anyone could be my customer, look into research methods and complete exercises to give you an idea how to segment your target audience.


Orsi Toth

Hello, I'm Orsolya Toth, Orsi for short. I collect, create and teach marketing strategy tools to businesses owners, so you have a plan that actually offers next steps and ideas. Very importantly, these are swift, effective and enjoyable, so finally you can stop hating the process and start growing your business.

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