There should be clear steps, easy to understand frameworks and an excitement, figuring out your edge over the competition. Wouldn’t that be great? And yet,  what is the single most frequent sentence  I keep hearing from my clients? I know I should do my marketing (or be more active on social media, or write a blog) properly, but I just hate it so much! 

In my experience, we tend to hate things we don’t know or understand very well. At the core of it, marketing is neither a glamorous thing that will magically change the course of your business as soon as the right buzzword is applied, nor is it the deceptive and malicious art insurance and car dealership salesmen has led us to believe.

It is pure empathy and logic.
Most importantly, you can learn to do it right.

Hello, I’m Orsi Toth and I’ve spent a significant part of my 11-year career explaining marketing and advertising principles to clients, students and friends. (Yeah, don’t get me started on the topic at a dinner party…) After a particularly intense 2016, including well over 100 hours of workshops taught and 200 clients individually coached, I decided it’s time to turn all that practical knowledge, exercises and repeatedly given advice into a series of workbooks.

The first of the series is the most important of all

The Real Target Audience is a workbook full of exercises, case studies and step by step methods.
By the time you finish, you will understand why is it absolutely crucial to have a very detailed idea of who your customer is (empathy) and how that knowledge will guide you to pick the right channels, messages and tools (logic).
You will have a complete persona built up that you’ve researched yourself knowing exactly where to look. You will have a foundation for your marketing strategy that you will use again and again and again.

In fact, so many businesses I meet get this bit wrong, you will gain a significant advantage over many of your competitors.

Great marketing and brands are about inspiring positive emotions and eventually love, through amazing products and services, as well as the language, imagery and the values they represent. And the first step is to understand your target audience, to learn what they find amazing and lovable. Let’s get playing!

The Real Target Audience is out  December, preorder below or sign up to know as soon as it’s ready!

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Orsi Toth

Hello, I'm Orsolya Toth, Orsi for short. I collect, create and teach marketing strategy tools to businesses owners, so you have a plan that actually offers next steps and ideas. Very importantly, these are swift, effective and enjoyable, so finally you can stop hating the process and start growing your business.

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