My name is Orsolya Toth, Orsi for short. I am a shape shifter and an adventurer: over the past 11 years I ‘ve held at least as many job titles – including the side hustles – lived in 5 different countries and helped to build countless businesses. I worked with mega brands like Peugeot and Johnson&Johnson, built my own tech startup reaching a million people around Europe and consulted  SMEs all across the spectrum. The common thread? My fierce curiosity about people.

I have studied human behaviour, motivations, cross cultural issues and psychology relentlessly. First I wanted to know how to create lovable advertising campaigns and what makes people tick. Then I wanted to design and build products that are smooth, beautiful and joyful to use. (Because nothing kills a bad product faster than good advertising and it’s frustrating to not have any influence on the former if you have to make the latter work.)
These days I’m driven to be better at teaching the same things to other people:

  • I believe better businesses are about selling to customers who really need or want that thing you offer,
  • I believe great marketing is about empathy and logic
  • and I believe we can all be more creative than we think.

I’ve spent the past 3 years of my life figuring out better ways to explain the above and newer, simpler, more fun methods to tease out the necessary skills. The result is this website, with the books and courses in progress. If you’d like to finally stop hating marketing and start using straightforward processes to grow your business, you are in the right place.

You love details, dates and words and want to see my full bio? Click over to Linkedin or Slideshare. Or send an e-mail, should you have a burning question, I read and answer all of them.

What colleagues, bosses, collaborators and clients say:

‘Orsi and the Get Set for Growth Team have been great to work with. The series of tailored marketing sessions got great feedback from the startups and the businesses based at Accelerator. Marketing and sales is always crucial to new businesses and having the opportunity to attend free skills development workshops on this topic has really helped them grow.’


Emma Thatcher, Accelerator LMU

‘Your course has been really helpful and practical and so relevant. It has really helped me consolidate a lot of things that I knew but sourced from disparate places.’


Su-Fern Lee, Taylor Grace Consultancy

‘Orsi has a plethora of successful start up tactics in her arsenal and just a brief session with her helps clarify and adopt a much more introspective and analytical approach to the obstacles faced by entrepreneurs.

Although Orsi supported us primarily with marketing mentorship in YouMakeIt and in HumbleWorks, it was her broad understanding of lean start up methodology and how to validate assumptions as quickly as possible and her no nonsense approach which I value the most.’


Shayeen V Naidoo, Humbleworks

Orsolya is an extremely talented, creative and insightful brand manager. Having built her own startup and organised tech events, she has a great experience on the tech startup scene and with building tech communities. I’ve always had a good experience working with her and GrantTree benefitted from her insights and ideas. Thoroughly recommended.


Paulina Sygulska Tenner, GrantTree

Orsi Toth

Hello, I'm Orsolya Toth, Orsi for short. I collect, create and teach marketing strategy tools to businesses owners, so you have a plan that actually offers next steps and ideas. Very importantly, these are swift, effective and enjoyable, so finally you can stop hating the process and start growing your business.

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