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Life is too short for having a useless marketing strategy. It is too short for feeling almost physical pain every time you sit down to work on it. Too short for annoying, unclear or plain dysfunctional advertising too.

You can do so much better!
Learn how to compete right and build your business with simple, effective and, very importantly, enjoyable frameworks and exercises. Let’s create a marketing strategy for you that will stand the test of time and actually tells you what to do next.

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Orsi Toth

Hello, I'm Orsolya Toth, Orsi for short. I collect, create and teach marketing strategy tools to businesses owners, so you have a plan that actually offers next steps and ideas. Very importantly, these are swift, effective and enjoyable, so finally you can stop hating the process and start growing your business.

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two years in the making and the book is finally out 🤓🦉🍒
everything you ever wanted to know about #targetaudienceresearch, #buyerpersonas and how to incorporate them into your #marketingstrategy:

What do you do when some questions come up over and over again? Start writing them up for Frequently Asked Questions Friday. This one is about how to choose the right #hashtags on #instagram to still be able to generate organic rea…

After 5 years, I've updated "Rappers sorted by size of their vocabulary." There's 75 new artists, DMX is no longer in last place, and an additional chart by era.